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Our Focus

Eligible property types include multifamily assets and conventional commercial properties, including office, retail, industrial, storage, and hotel properties.

Streamlined Process

Loan documents and due diligence requirements such as third party reports will closely mirror existing industry requirements for streamlined CMBS loans.

Our Approach

ITF's general approach is a thorough vetting and credit committee approval prior to issuance of a Term Sheet, and the opportunity to rate lock upon execution of a Term Sheet

Institutional Quality, Boutique Approach


ITF Global Partners is a balance sheet lender that originates first-mortgage loans between 5m to 500m in leading and select secondary U.S. markets. Our transactions are typically secured by properties that have stable cash flow and growth opportunities for all major property types principally focused on the origination of 5,7,  and 10 year non-recourse fixed rate loans with up to 75% LTV for all major commercial property types nationwide.

Our platforms have long term (10+ years), efficiently priced funding and will originate, hold and service loans in portfolio until maturity.

ITF's lending platform provides substantial competitive advantages by merging life insurance company “best practices” in the processes of sourcing, credit approval and servicing, the operating flexibility of a REIT structure which permits certain limited post-closing loan modifications, industry standard CMBS loan structuring, streamlined documentation, and credit outcomes.

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