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The ITF Global Team

Mr. Barnett J. Suskind  - Senior Managing Partner/Founder:

Mr. Suskind is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Partner of ITF Global Partners (ITF) and ITF Global Partners, Investment Arm. A successful professional artist in his own right, Mr. Suskind combined his abstract vision with his business acumen to conceive, build, and fund his own company before focusing on establishing ITF Global Partners. At the firm, he has built an all-star team of professionals with strong diversified backgrounds that bring to ITF an extensive range of experience and expertise. Mr. Suskind is renowned for the personal attention and involvement he brings to each ITF engagement. Under his leadership, the team has provided operational assistance and strategic capital to early stage and middle market companies in industries ranging from biotechnology to hospitality with investments ranging from $1 to $300 million. Mr. Suskind is educated in Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, and Physiological Psychology.

Kyle Barnette -  Managing Partner:

Mr. Barnette has spent many years working across the spectrum in the energy field and has many established relationships as a result of that experience spanning the globe which provide IRT access to many thought and political leaders as well as many strategic partnerships around the world.

Prior to co-founding International Remediation, he was the Co-founder/Managing Partner of Turnkey Electric LLC , a diversified power-oriented company founded in 2004 which grew into a diverse multi-million dollar a year power generation sales and consulting business. During his tenure with Turnkey companies, Mr. Barnette was involved in the sales and construction consultation of over 250MW of power generation worldwide.

Louis Krassner - Managing Director

Through out his career, Mr. Krassner has specialized in effective project management and new business startups in the real estate and restaurant fields. strengths include real estate site location, analysis and negotiation resulting in successful development and business openings.

Mr. Krassner has worked previously with Triple Net Birddog, llc and Mountain Financial, an intermediary for financial services and alternative investments in project funding as well as Goldblatt Associates.

David K. Draper - Managing Director

Mr. Draper is an experienced Entrepreneur and Financial Executive whose extensive background includes international business and global banking; developing clean renewable energy opportunities; commercial and residential real estate development; and hotel and commercial retail operations.

Previously, Mr. Draper served as President and Managing Member of Church Street Holdings, LLC, a commercial real estate acquisition company and also served as Senior Advisor and Managing Director of Hemisphere Capital Partners, a boutique merchant banking concern located in New York City. Draper has participated in originating and structuring over $500,000,000 in private securitization financial instruments.

Mr. Draper was a partner and Chief Financial Officer of the Daniel & Suit Companies, Atlanta, Georgia. Daniel and Suit developed high-end luxury residential communities in metro Atlanta, which exceeded $100,000,000 in sales and over 1,500,000 square feet in commercial construction.

Prior to his role at Rothman, Mr. Draper was a Vice President of corporate lending at the Fuji Bank, Ltd. and a commercial lending officer at Bank of America. Combined lending facilities exceeded $700,000,000 concentrating primarily on fee-based business such as international letters of credit, interest rate swaps, and currency risk hedging.






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